Meal Time Blessings

Gaelic mealtime blessings, old Irish Blessings at mealtimes are still said today, mostly in rural Ireland where the catholic religon still holds firm. Mealtime is the time for communication, the time for families to have fun and find out what’s happening from one another.

Old Irish Grace for Meals

Beannaigh sinne, a Dhia.
Beannaigh ár mbia agus ár ndeoch.
ós tú a cheannaigh sinn go daor
Agus a shaor sinn ó olc,
Mar a thug tú an chuid seo dúinn
Go dtuga tú dúinn ár gcuid den ghlóir shíoraí.

Bless us, O God.
Bless our food and our drink.
Since you redemmed us so dearly
and delivered us from evil,
as you gave us a share in this food
so may you give us a share in eternal life.

Saying Grace –Like the goodness of the five loaves and two fish, Which God divided among the five thousand men, May the blessing of the King who so divided, Be upon our share of this common meal !

Bail na gcúig arán agus an dá iasc,
A roinn Dia ar an gcúig mhíle duine,
Rath ón Rí a rinne an roinn
Go dtige ar ár gcuid is as ár gcomhroinn.

Old Irish Grace for Meals

Beannaigh sinn, a Thiarna,
agus na bronntanais seo uait,
a bhfuilimid le glacadh
ó do rath, trí Chríost ár dTiarna. Amen

Bless us, O Lord,
and these your gifts
which we are about to receive
from your bounty through
Christ our Lord. Amen

Grace after Meals–Praise to the King of Plenty, Praise every time to God, A hundred praises and thanks to Jesus Christ, For what we have eaten and shall eat.